The Bad Side of Twitter.

I just read this article by Lawrence Perry about how here is also a bad side to using twitter.  He stated that many famous people do not realize who is on twitter and give out information that really needs to be private.  I still think there is a bigger upside to twitter than ther is a downside.


8 Responses to “The Bad Side of Twitter.”

  1. tara1md Says:

    What are the upsides and downsides?
    I had to create one for a class and would love to hear more input. I think that twitter is great for having connections with people in the business world that you would otherwise never have met, but then it is one of those things that you have to keep up with or it becomes a waste of everyones time. What do you think?

  2. lawzta Says:

    I could definitely see how using Twitter could be a bad thing. I think that with a lot of these social networking sites these days, people tend to give out way too much information about themselves, and they do it not on purpose. That’s why on sites like Facebook and Twitter, I make everything as private as I can, that way, I have to allow certain people to be my friends, so I can edit who gets to see what information about me. I am always afraid of giving out too much information or people finding out where I live and those sorts of things. Now days, you have to be super careful with what you post to avoid any unwanted issues!

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  4. carriebethabramson Says:

    I definitely agree that there is a bad side of using Twitter. For example, I remember when Kim Kardashian tweeted about sitting next to an air marshal on one of her flights. This created quite a stir because air marshals are not supposed to tell anyone who they are or what they are doing. She got a lot of negative flack for sending this tweet and although she tried to cover it up by saying she had guessed he was an air marshal, I am sure the air marshal had to face serious consequences all because of a tweet! People have to be a lot more careful when sharing information because everyone could read it!

  5. lindsayaddison Says:

    I too, could see how using twitter could end up being a bad thing. The amount of information given away can sometimes be to much, however when you are given a spot to put all of your ‘information’ people do not realize that you can go ‘to far’. Such as including where you go to school, where you live, what you plan on doing and where you will be, if you live alone, and many other things. On facebook I hide all information about me unless I accept you to be my friend. For twitter, I do the same however I do not have up much information about me and what i’m doing. It’s more ‘general’ and nothing specific about ME. Always be cautious of others because you never know who is looking at your stuff!!

  6. brigittegausche Says:

    Unfortunately I am not a big fan of Twitter. I see all of the good things that Twitter contributes. It is a great way to network, and to become aware of events in lighting speed. It even helped the European travelers whom were ashed into the airports. I do not like how celebrities use Twitter to cause “Twitter wars” with other celebrities. For example anything that Lindsay Lohan writes is not very informational to me, or the tweet war between Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Solider Boy. This gives Twitter a bad name. If I could learn more about Twitter then I think I would appreciate it more.

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